Keru Community Fridge celebrated food waste week 9–15.9.2019 by sharing tips for reducing food waste in home kitchens:

1. Plan your shopping, don’t buy too much.

2. Take advantage of the food there is at home. If there is left over food, take advantage of it as a part of the next day’s meal.

3. Keep in mind that the “Best before” date means the minimum shelf life – often products can be eaten after that.

4. Check the food visually, and by smelling and tasting before throwing it away.

 5. Use all parts of the vegetables. Keep in mind that dry bread or softened vegetables can be used in many meals and recipes.

 6. Preserve vegetables by fermentation and soft fruits by making jam or juice.

 7.  Make bigger portions and use the freezer. Bread can be stored in the freezer.

 8.  Shop for discounted products.

 9. Only get food for the need. Don’t hoard even if you are not able to use or eat the food. Don’t go grocery shopping when hungry – then you easily buy more than what you need.

10. Packaging helps to preserve food longer. The environmental impact of packaging is much smaller than that of wasted food.

11. Inspire others by sharing tips on utilising surplus food. Take advantage of services, such as Lunchie, ResQ,, We Food, Restaurant Loop etc.

12. Donate your surplus food for the Keru community fridge (unopened packages), friends, neighbours, facebook groups, etc.