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Keru is a non-profit open community fridge located at the Setlementtitalo in Kallio, Helsinki. The aim of the concept and activities is to reduce food waste and to support sustainable food culture. Keru offers an easy way to take part in solving the global food waste issue. It is open and free to everyone who wants to share and/or collect food.

Keru Community Fridge opened on 3.9.2018 as a pilot project, which has been on-going since then. The aim of the pilot is to gain experience and possibly continue the project on a regular basis after the trial period. The pilot project is run by the Waste Food Crew – a group of urban activists and volunteers in collaboration with the main partner Setlementtiliitto. Keru is inspired by successful food sharing movements across Europe.


The Keru community fridge welcomes companies, organisations, groups and individuals to donate food which would otherwise be in danger of going waste. With the help of our volunteers we collect regularly food portions and groceries from the nearby donors, which include shops, supermarkets, cafes and restaurants. We will pick up surplus food regularly 7 times a week from our regular donors. Please contact Waste Food Crew team if you want to become a waste food donor for Keru community fridge.

Everyone is welcome to collect food from the Keru community fridge. We do not collect personal information from the food collectors or have any other requirements for them besides following Keru rules and instructions. The most important thing for us is that surplus food will get into use and the amount of food waste will be reduced. We will take care of the cleaning the fridge on regular basis. This ensures food safety and a pleasant experience for everyone visiting Keru.

We want to develop future food culture and strengthen the sense of community through our activities. Therefore we are, among other things, organising circular economy workshops, waste food cooking sessions and other events with changing themes. With the Keru concept, we explore opportunities to reduce food waste and increase environmental awareness of everyday choices and activities. Reducing food waste is one of the easiest and simplest ways to prevent climate change.

This is how Keru community fridge works:

1. Donate your surplus food to the community fridge

2. The surplus food is recycled and gets into use

3. We have agreements to collect surplus food from our collaborators on a regular basis

4. Food from the fridge is open to everyone who is willing to take and eat

5. We take care of cleaning the fridge regularly

6. By using Keru you can do good for climate, environment and people in the neighbourhood


1. Check rules

Read Keru instructions carefully

2. Examine food
3. Weight food
4. Fill information

Keru community fridge welcomes everyone interested to collect food. We do not collect personal information from our food collectors. The only requirement for picking up food is that Keru’s rules and  instructions are carefully followed. Food collectors need to become familiar with their responsibilities. In case food is not packaged in the original packaging, food collectors should read all information written on the package and also check the condition of the food based on sensory examination. Does the food smell / look / taste good?

In case food is suitable and the condition of it is good, then it should be weighed and necessary information should be filled in the orange pick-up folder located next to Keru. After that food can be taken and put into use. We are happy to receive feedback from food collectors to be able to develop service and functions. Any kind of abusive behaviour should be reported to Waste Food Crew.


Keru community fridge is located at the Kalliolan Setlementtitalo (neighbourhood spaces downstairs) at Sturenkatu 11, Helsinki. Keru is open after 3.9.2018 for food donations and collections during Kalliolan Setlemettitalo opening times:

Opening times:
Monday – Friday 8:00 – 20:00
Saturday & Sunday 10:00 – 16:00

Keru community fridge is closed for the time being due to the coronavirus situation.

Kalliolan Setlementtitalo, Sturenkatu 11, 00510 Helsinki