Waste Food Crew consists of designers, urban activists and other like minded people who want to prevent climate change by reducing the amount of waste food and taking some concrete actions. Our team has a diverse range of skills and experience which can be utilised in this project, for example understanding on environmental issues and sustainable development, as well as experience on project work and international collaborations. We have networked with various people and organisations who are involved in waste food issues and have become familiar with many functioning waste food concepts and activities in countries such as Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands. Inspired by them, the Keru concept and operation model was developed. Many collaborators and volunteers are taking part in the daily activities.

We welcome everyone interested in reducing the amount of waste food to collaborate and work with us. For general inquiries you can email us at

Management, design, communication & PR

Heidi Uppa

+358 50 320 5768

Events & volunteers

Mari Sahlstén

Pick-up team / logistics

Tiago Pinto

Cleaning team

Anniina Heikinheimo

Pick-up team / logistics

Aapo Huikko