Keru community fridge invites you to have fun and get familiar with ways to reduce food waste at the opening party held at the Kalliolan Opisto on Friday 7th of September between 6–10pm. The event nourishes your stomach, heart and mind! We will serve drinks and appetisers prepared from surplus food. They will make your mouth water! The Cultural Network of Kallio will present us with awesome musicians: Duo Harjateräs and Lulu Band. Dj Hapan korppu and Drpeura will be dedicated to keep your hips moving. Reducing food waste is such an important global issue that it’s a topic worth talking about. No one should willingly throw away edible food. Therefore, we have invited sustainable development specialists to give short talks to cover different viewpoints around the topic. In the party you can also meet the team behind Keru concept and hear about the first step of the project. It is also possible to get familiar with Keru community fridge and see how it works.

Keru opening party is organised by Waste Food Crew in collaboration with Kalliolan Setlementti and the Cultural Network of Kallio.

Volunteers can take part in organising the event or support the activity in some other ways. Please contact Mari Sahlsténilta ( if you want to join the party crew.


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